There and Back Again

Sara Westfall writes:

This is my last blog post. I can’t believe I’ve been here for seven weeks, and yet I can also believe it. The time has gone by faster than I’d imagined, but the first day here, the first weekend, seems like a distant memory. I’ve had a lot of great experiences. It’s been tough, but also exciting and fun. I can’t help but wondering what things will stay with me and what things I will leave behind (and I’m not just talking about the socks with holes in them or my flip flops). Some things I will be glad to leave behind such as kibbutz food, the summer camp vibe, and I really hope I reinstate the 5 second rule. I’m not looking forward to leaving behind all the awesome people I’ve met. Some I’ve been without for 4 weeks already and some it will be sad to say goodbye to now. I hope some things will stay with me. I could definitely see myself eating peanut butter and peach jelly on a rice cake for lunch and instead of saying, “Let’s go”, saying, “Ya’llah!” I hope my sense of adventure and my anxiety-free attitude stay with me as well.

Over all I’m feeling a lot of different emotions and it still hasn’t completely hit me that we’re leaving in two days. I’m definitely glad to be going back home and ready to start my regular life again. However, I know I’ll be sitting in front of the TV at home or in my bed and think, “I wonder if Area Q looks like right now?” “Is Stanley the Gopher still there?” “I feel depressed, like there’s pottery stuck in the baulk and I can’t take it out.” “I miss Norma’s laugh.” “I’m feeling angry, can I pick-ax something?”

It’s easy to say now that I won’t be back. I can think of so many excuses: “I’ll have a job”, “There are other places to see”, “No, thank you, I don’t like waking up before the sun”, “I don’t want to think of dirt as a spice”. However, deep down, part of me knows that one day the archaeologist in me will remember the fun times I had here and say, “I think I’m quite ready for another adventure.”


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