Third Week in Area K

Kristine Merriman writes:

So another week has passed for Area K at Megiddo.  As the third week begins (the last for quite a few people), I am amazed to see what we have accomplished and the bonds which have formed.  First, Area K looks completely different than it did just two weeks ago.  We have taken down the rest of the baulks, removed a few walls, and reformed the baulks again.  Wonderful artifacts have floated across my desk, and hopefully some questions have been answered though we will answer more.  Great friendships have formed, potential relationships have begun, and a few have been tested.  All of this is what makes an excavation worth it.  You would never know how much we all look forward to eating, showering, and that afternoon Coca-Cola.  I have often wondered why I love digging so much (I’m not necessarily a fan of being covered in dirt and sweat most of the time).  The answer is the relationships that a dig forces you to make with the present and the past.  I realized this morning that I only have four days left with some of these people before others come in.  More than that, I will miss them.  This is not to say I’m not excited about the next four and a half weeks, but everyone of us is different.  Where else can you be totally filthy, exhausted, and feel like you’ve known people your entire life after only two weeks?  I doubt that another place like this exists.  All of us have come to connect to one another, but more importantly to connect to history.  It is amazing that so many people with such different backgrounds and personalities can connect in positive ways over such a seemingly minor thing.  However, history is major to us.  It allows us all to get up at 4:15 in the morning, work hard all day, be dirty and without makeup, and still have a ton of fun.  It’s truly an opportunity not to be missed.


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