Dreaming of Digging…or Digging in Dreams

Sara Belkin writes:

I think digging has taken over my life. This is evident by the fact that last night, as I was sleeping all the way down south in Jerusalem, I woke up in the middle of the night, and thought I was lying down in my Lower J square. For a few seconds I really believed I was in the dirt, with my trowel, digging. This shows that the Megiddo excavations are following me, even in my dreams. But, luckily, digging at Megiddo, has proven to be a fulfilling experience. I have been to Israel twice before, once on Birthright, and secondly, as a study abroad student at Hebrew University; both two very different experiences. And Megiddo is no different, I love being able to watch the sunrise and know that a whole day of possibilities (of new finds, new friends, and new experiences) awaits. I love the swim in the Kibbutz pool that washes away all the stresses from the day, and I love that we get such wonderful hands-on experiences in archaeology –­ something that I, as an archaeology student, am really grateful for. Therefore, digging at Megiddo is different than anything I have done previously in Israel. Even being in Jerusalem this weekend, with my Megiddo friends, has shown me that Israel is never the same, even three times around. Thus, the lesson I learned from my night stay in Jerusalem is that I can experience many different Israels each time I travel here, and also that sleeping next to a wall might lead me to think I am lying 3 meters deep in a 4×4 meter square.


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