Another Week Bites the Dust

Kat J. writes:

A week of work and one exciting weekend have taken their toll on some of our spirits but nothing that a night at the pub couldn’t remedy…and so we are slowly getting ready to say goodbye to some of our 3 weekers and looking forward to meeting the newbies.

All of us at Area J have been busy with prepping our squares for digging and although they have not yet been officially assigned, J has been delivering the goods. The J pavement area has been understaffed for the last couple of days but many great finds have come out of the ground including beads and large basalt grinding stones. In J proper, we have found what appear to be two large benches in the temple complex which is very exciting but as usual, more questions than answers arise with each passing day. But that’s the beauty of archaeology…you never know what each day will bring. We also had some important visitors on Tuesday who helped us to decide the fate of certain structures at J that need to be removed for safety and other reasons.


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