Starbucks-less, Nutella, and Small Triumphs

Robyn Le Blanc writes:

So, I made it to Israel and have managed to avoid the three previously expected disasters: first, I remembered my passport at the airport (key).  Second, I’ve avoided suffering any major Starbucks withdrawals (I’m addicted, guilty as charged), mostly because I’ve replaced my usual 5 cup a day habit with Greek coffee, and I couldn’t be happier.  Third, I’ve limited myself to consuming only one nutella sandwich as breakfast in the morning–two years ago I was subsisting almost wholly on nutella and pita, and was honestly convinced that i was well on my way to scurvy.  All in all, small triumphs here at the end of the first week of digging!

I’m a returnee here at Megiddo–I previously dug here in 2006 in “Area M”, a monumental site with a possible Greek-influenced “tomb.”  (The jury’s still more or less out on that one).  Oh, Area M.  That’s where I learned how to scrape back a floor with a trowel, where I learned to pick axe, and where I found my first piece of pottery.  It’s also where i met one of my closest friends, Jen, whom I’m digging with–and living with!–again this season in Area Q.  I’m a square supervisor this time around, which means a smidgen less time crouching in the dirt, and a whole pile of various duties.  Drawing from my experience doing massive–and I mean MASSIVE–amount of paperwork (top plans, section plans, sheets about soil consistency, sheets about small artifacts, etc) last summer when I dug in England, I’ve come to really enjoy keeping a notebook with my daily drawings of my square, and all the associated data.  It’s a nice overall picture of what you’re doing, and you get to have a different perspective on the whole experience.

Area Q is great, and–I’m going to be selfish here–not least because I’ve actually been able to find SOMETHING other then, well, dirt.  My last square in Area M was… Dirt, dirt and more dirt.  Nary a piece of exciting pottery or an artifact to be found (well, other than a pillar base which we called “Pillar Pete”… While we’re on the subject, my current square is shared by two fallen pillars–Shishak and Uncle Edmund–and a groundhog that Helen named Stanley).  In our square this time, however, we’re coming up with lots of pottery sherds, loom weights, and stoppers upon stoppers (for vessels, that is).  I suppose I’m not cursed, after all.


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