Exhaustion, Positively

Rachel Navarro writes:

Week 2 of Megiddo

The momentum of our excitement at being here has died.  We are all so exhausted that we can hardly move.  I am so tired that I can’t even sleep.  Our patience has worn thin, and there is tension on the site.  I drag myself through the day ignoring my aching muscles and trying to keep a positive outlook.   There is hardly anything about 4:40 in the morning that is positive.

Unless, of course, you count the beautiful full moon setting behind the waving palm trees, and the bright colors of the sunrise over Mount Tabor. And unless, of course, you count the thrill of finding amethyst and bone beads, or discover indentations on a pavement slab in lower J that were made by people 5000 years ago and daydreaming about what the mysterious marks could possibly mean.

We trudge up the tel every day, as exhausted as we are, hoping to discover the next secret that the stones of Megiddo have to tell us.  We’re hoping to answer all the questions archaeologists ask, and as Dr. Finkelstein says on the Megiddo video, Megiddo is the place to do it. Even washing pottery in the afternoon is exciting, since the finds we’ve found during the day shed their layers of dirt and look at least more new than they did before.  As we collapse into bed at night, we dream of the wonders the next day may hold.


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