Exciting Notes-Recap Day!

Jen Thum writes:

22 June 2008

Exciting Notes-Recap Day!

Today we’re going to celebrate Exciting Notes-Recap Day, a.k.a. the day when I type up my square supervisor notes in lieu of a real blog. Happy Exciting Notes-Recap Day!

Goings-on in Area Q, Square E5:

Claire excavated to the lowest level remaining in Locus 8 (in the SW corner) from Friday. She uncovered a dark grey surface with a floury consistency, on top of which were several sherds and bone fragments. A semicircle of organic decayed remains stretches from the east face of the north-south wall (the east border of Locus 8 ) to the west baulk on the surface of the floury layer. Against the west baulk was a piece of a baking vessel which, coupled with the organic decayed remains, could signify the presence of a tabun (oven) underneath.

Cordelia and I took Locus 19 (in the NW corner) down about 6.5 cm. In the process we uncovered a green faience bead, a shell, some pottery, and several small pieces of flint. The surface we came down upon had many limestone inclusions, a few charcoal inclusions, and four distinct sections of plaster (none of which are at the same level as those in surrounding squares); one of these sections appears to be the foundation of our north-south wall, uncovered in a strip about 4 cm wide against the west face of the wall. We also began to define the edges of a small section of pit in the extreme NW corner of the square.

Picture coming soon!


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