Area K

Kristine Merriman writes:

So I have been here for a week, and as usual I LOVE IT!  It is so amazing to me how it seems that Area K has picked up right were we left off two years ago.  Of course, there are new people but at this point it seems like I have known them forever.  This year, I have the opportunity to do a semi-new task as registrar.  This means that I get to keep track of the finds of the area.  While I miss truly digging to a point, I am thoroughly enjoying seeing the bigger picture.  Each one of the artifacts that I handle seem to evoke their own image.  I can’t help think about the last time someone held the vessel in its entirety, or the woman cared for her family’s well being with her grinding stones and cooking pots.  All in all it has been a great week (despite the fact that we spent the first week preparing for pictures), but now we have squares!  Squares mean secure loci (which means finds with a good context and meaning)!  So while it is extremely hot and I seem to be tired all of the time, I am having a blast.  I can’t wait to see what is in store.


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