Jen Thum writes:

It’s only our third day on the tel and I’m already impressed with the way my squaremates and I are working together.  We joke, we teach each other new things (I have a resident forensics expert, how about you?), and we tease Cline.  Awesome!

Working in the tiny areas between the intersections of walls in our square has proven to be less difficult than expected, but certainly not less time-consuming.  In the square to our east is a stone pavement, which could show up in some rocky areas covered in “wall fall” where we’re working.  I can’t wait for the wall courses and the rocky areas to end so we can start making broad passes and dig ourselves a nice flat trench in neat layers (optimistic, I know)!

In other news, this afternoon I discovered that napping after lunch is a brilliant idea.  I also discovered that the kibbutz store has run out of canned coffee…


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