Area J beginnings

Zach Dunseth writes:

It’s now Day Four of my three-week Megiddo Expedition (capitalized, of course, for importance…), and what do I find lacking from the official Megiddo blog? Entries about the greatest area of them all. Area J. You know, the spiritual “hub” of the entire Tel Megiddo? Which also just happens to be the oldest evidence of highly-sophisticated urbanization in the Levant? Yeah. Not enough has been written about that Area.

Which might be because not much has yet been found in that area. Area K, from what I hear, happens to be producing a huge cache of awesome artifacts, including glass beads, stone grinders. We’ve yet to really begin our excavations (at least in main J… upper and lower J have been somewhat more productive), mostly spending our workhours taking down balks, filling sandbags, and doing bucket chains. Oh, and building an epic sandbag staircase. What we have found hasn’t even given me the slightest inkling of some sort of brilliant, romantic, historical story. But I have faith in Area J.

So keep posted. Because, someday, Area J is going to blow you away.


One Response to Area J beginnings

  1. Jim Bob says:

    Well, man, any Dunseth luck yet? From this early entry sounds like you’re digging to China….

    Off to Phuket tomorrow? Did you see my Yankees-Reds shots?

    Lemme know how I can reach you.



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